Hey Kids, join us at Cactus Crossing – a fun experience for you on Wednesday nights at 6pm STARTING AUGUST 18TH. If you are Kinder through 5th grade you will have fun learning through creative biblical teaching great music, fun games, and crafts to help you know God and grow in your relationship with Him. Join us every Wednesday Night at 6pm. We hope to see you here!


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Kid Zone

LifeGroups - 9:30 AM

On Sunday mornings we offer children's Life Groups by grade level in school, including Pre-K for 2 years and up.

KidZone Church - 10:45 AM

KidZone Church is for Kinder through 3rd Grade.  It is our fun and interactive worship and Bible time for children.  We meet during our worship time at 10:45 AM.



Our nursery is staffed with quality, trained, caring Christian workers. Parents are encouraged to visit and volunteer in their child's room.

Cactus Crossing
Aug 18 - Dec 15

Cactus Crossing
Aug 18 - Dec 15

Cactus Crossing
Aug 18 - Dec 15

Out of the Box Final Collection Day
Sun, Nov 14 / 10:45AM

Church-Wide Thanksgiving Dinner
Wed, Nov 17 / 5:30PM

Happy Thanksgiving
Nov 25 - Nov 26

Cactus Crossing
Aug 18 - Dec 15

Cactus Crossing
Aug 18 - Dec 15

Cactus Crossing
Aug 18 - Dec 15

Christmas Day
Dec 25 - Dec 26

Sabino Road Children’s Ministry Vision
We believe that the spiritual education of each child is the parent’s responsibility. As such, we delight in partnering with parents for the short time that your children are with us. During that time, we strive to build disciples through developing a personal walk with Jesus, teaching children to witness to others and guiding children to worship Jesus from the heart.

Sabino Road Children’s Ministry Mission
In accordance with the Ministry Mission of SRBC, the Children's Ministry seeks to foster development in each child the following:
1. A strong and growing walk with the Lord
a. Every effort will be utilized to encourage children to grow spiritually, from believing in Jesus as his Savior to becoming spiritually mature befitting his age.
b. Children will be taught and given opportunities to serve others, both at church and everywhere they find themselves: at home, at school, in the community
c. Not only do children matter, but their parents and family as well.
2. A love and practice of sharing the gospel
a. Every child will be able to hear the Gospel message each week in every setting.
b. Each child will learn how to share the Gospel in the context of his age and understanding.
3. Worship is more than just singing
a. The Bible is true in every respect and is our authority in all areas of life.
b. Reading the Bible every day is encouraged.
c. Learning to pray is worshipping God not just asking for stuff.