Stand Alone Sermons

1/1/2000 -

Not every sermon at Sabino Road Baptist is part of a series. This is where we gather together all of the standalone sermons. Look here for sermons by most of our one-time guest speakers as well as many by our regular speakers.

In This Series

Date Sermon Title Speaker
01/11/2019 Five Biblical Attitudes for 2019 Dr. Eddy Pearson
10/28/2018 Evangelism Bill Allen
09/30/2018 Words of Peace Dr. Roger Daniels
08/06/2018 "Speak Words of Life - Not Death" Dr. Eddy Pearson
07/15/2018 Holiness of God David Butler
05/27/2018 What Do These Stones Mean? Dr. Roger Daniels
05/13/2018 The Three Test of Life Pastor Tim Hatch
02/18/2018 Spider Theology - Perseverance Dr. Roger Daniels Dr. Roger Daniels
03/11/2018 God in a Box Dr. Roger Daniels
02/11/2018 Acquainted with Grief Dr. Roger Daniels
12/17/2017 UP, IN and OUT - Vision Team Sharing Varied
10/29/2017 The Strangest Birthday Gift Dr. Roger Daniels
10/22/2017 "Do You Want to Be Healed?" Pastor Tim Hatch
05/14/2017 An Honored Mother Dr. Roger Daniels
04/23/2017 The Yoke, The Towel, The Cross Dr. Roger Daniels
02/19/2017 Roll Call Dr. Andrew Marquez
02/12/2017 Get Out of Your Comfort Zone Ron Marlin
02/05/2017 The Greatest Commandment Pastor Tim Hatch
01/29/2017 A Demonstration of Grace Dr. Roger Daniels
01/22/2017 Making it Stick Dr. Dallas Bivins
01/15/2017 Alive By Grace Dr. Keith Henry
01/08/2017 The Security of the Believers Dr. David Johnson